Can we offer discounts for payments?

Your school may offer reduced prices for paid items, for example, if the student has a sibling at the school.

  • Meals - It is not possible to set discounts for custom groups of students. You can only specify different prices for Free School Meals (FSM) students and different year groups.
  • Other customer account types - When adding invoices, you need to just specify the amount to be deducted from the account, after any discounts are deducted.
  • Trips - You can set up custom groups, one for each price point. When adding trip prices you can then specify the price for each group.
  • Clubs - You can see how to manage this here: Can I offer reduced or discounted price clubs?
  • Wraparound care - You will need to add the siblings to a Custom Group, then set an additional price for the Wraparound Care Club for this Custom Group by following Step 4 here.

Please note that we do not recommend setting up discounts as it is difficult to manage.


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