Report of students with social workers

If you need to get an overview of which students in your school have social workers, you can do this in the Custom Report Writer. Please note that you need to have recorded the social workers as linked to the students using these instructions: Recording details of external agency involvement


You will need the permission School: General Admin: Export Data to create and view custom reports.  If you don't have the permission, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions.


Creating the report

Just go to School > Custom Report Writer and click the Create New Report buttons to get started!

First, add your report name and specify that the report is about Parents, Guardian and Contacts.

Next, select the date range of your report. In my example, I'm choosing a specific date but you could also set this to 'today'.



Click through the steps until you reach the Filters section (step 6 of 8).  Type in 'Relationship Type' and click on the green Set Parameters button. 



On the slide over, change your Filter Condition to 'Is one of...' and select 'Social Worker' from the dropdown.



Click on the green Save button, click Next twice and then finally click View Report.

Please note: only staff members with permissions to see this information on the student profile will be able to view the report in full.  If they do not have this permission, the information will appear redacted when they view it.


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