Can we stop parents from replying to communications?

Emails and SMS

As with most messaging services, there is no way to prevent guardians from replying to emails or SMS messages.

You may want to use a 'no reply' email address to send from, send out a communication to let them know you would prefer them not to reply, or include a reminder in the email or SMS not to reply.

You can see further details on what happens when someone replies here: What happens when someone replies to an email or SMS?

In-app messages

It is possible to prevent guardians from replying to in-app messages.

This can be done from School > Communications > Setup > In-App Message Settings. Click the Accept messages from guardians setting and untick the box.

Please note that this will prevent guardians from sending any in-app messages as well as stopping them from being able to reply to your in-app messages.


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