Which communications show in the different Communication Logs?

Which logs show which communications?

You can view your personal sent communications log: Seeing the Communications I've sent


Go to School > Communications > All School Communications. You can then view the different logs from the left-hand menu.


Communications shown

All Comms

All communications sent from within Arbor and received.

  • Communications marked as Private can only be viewed here.
  • Communications sent automatically (such as for Behaviour Incident Workflows) can only be viewed here.
  • Messages sent 'From' users, rather than the school are not shown here. Only communications with 'From' set as your school are shown here.


All email messages sent from within Arbor

Imported Email

Email messages received by the Imported Email account

Outbound SMS

All SMS messages sent from within Arbor

Inbound SMS

All SMS messages received by the school in reply

Mail Merge Letters

All generated mail merge letters

Other Letters

Letters generated via Communications > Log letter

Telephone Calls

Telephone calls logged


Meetings created using the Communications > Log meeting button on profiles

Inbound In-App Messages

In-App Messages received by the school

Outbound In-App Messages

In-App Messages sent from within Arbor


You can also view Communication Logs on student, staff and guardian profiles.


Communications shown

Student Profile > Communications & Notes

Communications marked as Public that have either the student or the legal or primary guardians of the student tagged.

Staff Profile > Communications

Communications tagged to the staff member (if they were the sender or recipient).

Staff Profile > Communications

Communications marked as Public that were sent to this guardian.




Public or Private

Communications marked as Private can only be viewed from the All School Communications > All Comms log. If you need to change the setting for a communication, you can see how to do this here: Mark communications as Public or Private

What happens if the message was not sent by the school and is private?

If a communication was sent from a user and is marked as private, it can only be seen by the user that sent the communication in their Communication Log: Seeing the Communications I've sent


Tagging communications

The tagging to different people's communication logs is determined by how the message was sent: 

  • When a message is sent to a guardian of a student, both the student and the guardian are tagged.
    • If the message was sent about multiple students (by combining messages), it will be tagged on the guardian's profile and all of the student's profiles
    • If the message was not combined for multiple students, each student will have one communication tagged to their profile, and the guardian will have multiple.
  • When a message is sent to the guardian directly (rather than selecting Guardians of Student), only the guardian is tagged.
  • When a message is sent to the student, only the student is tagged.
  • When a message is sent to a staff member, the staff member is tagged.

For communication types such as Letters, Telephone Calls or Meetings, anyone involved in those events is automatically tagged. For telephone calls that includes Caller and Recipients, for Meetings that includes the students and staff members, for Letters that includes the sender and recipient.

Can we edit the tags?

You cannot change the default settings for tagging. However, you can change who is tagged after the communication has been sent following these instructions.

Why can't I find a communication that I have sent?

Communication not showing in the Communications & notes section of a profile?

A reply to an email or SMS may show in the All School Communications log but not on the person's profile if the email address or mobile number is linked to multiple profiles. In the All School Communications log, the message will show, for example, the mobile number but not the person who sent it because the system can't figure out which person the message came from.

To make sure a number is only linked to one account for future messages, change the number on one account from the Contact Details section of their profile.

You'll then need to edit who the communication is tagged to.



Communication for a club or a trip not appearing in the All Communications log?

When a communication is sent from a club or a trip, the communication will appear in the club or trip, rather than in the All Communications log. 

To view communications for a club, go to School > Activities > Clubs, click into the club in question and then click into the relevant session. You can then click the Communications Log button on the left side of the page.

To view communications for a trip, go to School > Activities > Trips and click on the trip. The Communication Log button can be found on the left side of the page.


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