When will students be able to see their new teacher and registration form?

When you begin the New School Year Setup process, you'll be asked to indicate the teachers for your classes in Step 3 (Year Groups and Registration Forms). As soon as this information is added in, parents will be able to access this data via the Parent Portal. 

Where do guardians have access to this data?

Once you've assigned the teachers, guardians who have access to the Parent Portal will be able to check who the teacher is from the Calendar.

Please note you can only see the events taking place soon on the Arbor App, so you can't see the next full calendar to go to the next academic year. on the left of the homepage when they log in. 

You can see more information about this here: The Calendar and timetable on the Parent Portal and Arbor App

How do I prevent guardians from accessing this data before a specific date?

If it's just the teacher you don't want guardians to see yet, promote the students to the right registration forms for the next year now but assign the teacher at a later date. You can then mark this step as complete.

See our article on assigning teachers for steps to enable you to do this at a later date. 

If you want to completely prevent guardians from accessing information about their child's class or teacher before a specified time you would have to delay assigning the student to a registration form until that date. You would need to wait until this date to complete Step 3 (Year Groups and Registration Forms).

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