Why is a student who left not appearing on the marksheet?

When using pages like the Students > Assessments > Summative Tracking > Mark Entry > marksheet, the date will auto-fill to the last day of that assessment period. For example, the last day of the Summer assessment period is 21st July.

For more information on what the marksheets show, see here: What are the different summative assessment marksheets?



All the students in the marksheet will have a current enrolment for that date. If you off roll a student with an end date of before that date, they will no longer appear in the marksheet.

Once the student is off rolled with an end date of before this date, they will disappear from the Summer marksheet.



How do I get the student on the marksheet again?

The student's leaving date is incorrect

Follow this article to change their end date.

The student's leaving date is correct

If you want to use these pages, every time you open up the marksheet, you will need to change the date to before the student's end date. That's why instead, we recommend you use the Academic Unit marksheets.

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