Data Collection showing as not complete, 50% complete or N/A

Here are some steps to check if your completion for Data Collections is showing as N/A or different to the number expected.

Step 1 - Check your Ad Hoc assessment type

Data Collections will only work for Ad Hoc assessments that have a Marking strategy of One Mark per Course.

Stand-alone Single Mark ad hoc assessments (that are assigned a date rather than an assessment period) cannot be monitored through Data Collections - they'll just show completion as N/A.

Step 2 - Make sure students have marks

A data collection will only show as complete if marks have been entered for every student linked to the assessment.

If you need to add marks for students who weren't present for the assessment, we recommend switching on Not required marks.

Step 3 - Make sure all collection items are fully marked

For summative assessments, you can choose to collect current mark, predicted mark and a comment.

  • When one of these boxes is selected, such as current mark, filling in all of the current marks even if some students do not have a comment will result in completion of 100%.
  • If multiple boxes are selected, everything must be completed in order to show as 100%. For example when current mark and comment is selected, and all current marks are filled in but only some comments, the data collection will show as 0% completed.

For Ad hoc assessments set up with the Mark Type as text, when these comments are entered it will show as 100% complete.

Step 4 - Check the assessment periods

If the dates of the data collection cover more than one assessment period, when you get into the second assessment period Arbor will count both assessment periods into the percentage completion calculation.

This means your completion will switch back to 50%.

Step 5 - Contact us

If you've checked all the steps shown above an the percentage is still not as expected, contact the Arbor Support Team if supported by Arbor, or your Support Partner if not supported by Arbor.

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