Applicant already has a student profile

If you have an existing student that is also an applicant, this is normal in Arbor. 

This will happen when students are required to submit an application to move up in your school, such as when nursery students apply for a place in reception or a year 11 students move up to year 12 (6th form).

In Arbor, school's can use the Applicants section of the MIS for new starters, and for applications for existing students. This allows you to create their enrolment and define which year group, Registration form, House the student will be part of. 

  • If you have students who are moving up, please ensure you create the applicant from an existing student profile. Further guidance on how to do this can be found here: Manually adding applicants
  • If you are importing a new applicant from an ATF, please ensure that you match the student profiles so this doesn't create duplicates (if you notice you have some duplicates, these can be resolved by following these instructions: How to merge a student profile

If you need to delete an application for an existing student you've added incorrectly, you can do this by following the below steps:

  1. Go to Students > All Students > Applicants and select the intake season.
  2. Click the applicant's name from the Applicants List
  3. Click Edit on the slide-over window
  4. Click Delete Application

This will remove the application for the existing student without deleting the students profile.


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