Can we add notes to new starter student applications?

In some schools, the applications process may be lengthy and require you to record information about waiting lists, chats with guardians etc.

Although there is not currently a way to view this within the table in Students > All Students > Applicants > Intake Season > Applicants, you can view this data when reporting on applicants.

Creating your user defined field 

First you will need to set up a user defined field to store the records. 

You would use these criteria when creating your user defined field:



Once you have filled in the information, press Create UDF

You can then click into your new User Defined field.

If you have pre-existing records you wish to add in, you can view your applicants and add records for them. Search to find the applicants name and add a UDF value 

Screenshot 2023-09-08 at 15.27.24.png


These will then populate for each student.



Viewing the User Defined Field from the Applicants area 

You can view the information stored in your UDF in the Applicants area by going to Students > All Students > Applicants > Intake Season > Download Student List.

Search for your UDF and drag it over to Added Columns. You can then download this as an Excel Spreadsheet or a PDF. 

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