Can we add applicants using a CTF?

To add students to your site who will be joining you in the new school year, we usually recommend adding the manually, via our spreadsheet or by uploading an ATF.

ATFs are available to schools much earlier on in the school year than CTFs. Using ATFs enables you to import your applicants much earlier, so you can manage the whole admissions process in Arbor (such as sending out offers). You can see how this works here: Applicants and admissions

You can import applicants details using a CTF: Importing a CTF

  • If you haven't added your applicants before importing your CTF manually, using the spreadsheet or ATF, you must select the intake season to add them to your applicants area as new applicants.
  • If you previously added your applicants manually, using the spreadsheet or ATF, do not select the intake season. You'll then need to manually map each imported student to their existing applicant profile.


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