Secure Upload Portal FAQ - Primary Onboarding

This guidance is for Primary Schools and Special Schools going through our Primary Onboarding. Secondary Schools should contact their Arbor Project Manager.


Each school that is moving to Arbor has a Secure Upload Portal (SUP), which should be used to securely send us the data from your current MIS on your agreed migration date. This FAQ document will give you some more information on how to access and use your SUP.

What is the Secure Upload Portal?

The SUP allows schools to securely send data from their current MIS to Arbor. Once data has been uploaded to the SUP, the school’s migration to Arbor will begin, and once the migration is complete, the new Arbor MIS will be available to log in to.

Is uploading data via the Secure Upload Portal Safe?

Absolutely! Our secure upload portal has the same level of security as Arbor. This exceeds the industry standard and includes bank-grade encryption.

When will we receive access to our Secure Upload Portal?

The week before your migration, the project lead at your school will receive two emails from Arbor containing the information you will need to access your SUP.

  • Email 1 will contain the link to your SUP along with the username you will need to use
  • Email 2 will contain the password to log in to your SUP

Who is taking our backup (who is the data uploader)?

If you have received the SUP details and are not the Data Uploader or if someone else who will be supporting you with providing us with your data, please forward both emails onto the correct person.

The data uploader might be: 

  • The Project Lead
  • Someone else in your team (e.g. IT) 
  • Your partner support (if you are partner supported)
  • Your MAT IT person (if you are apart of a Multi Academy Trust)
  • Your local authority (if so, please get in touch with them as soon as you can as they sometimes require you to book in a slot to provide this to you)
  • Your host (if you are SIMS hosted - if so, please get in touch with them as soon as you can as they sometimes require you to book in a slot to provide this to you)

If you are not sure who your data uploader is, if you are a primary school please contact , if you are a secondary school, please contact your project manager.

Please note - once the data is uploaded, the migration will begin automatically so you cannot upload multiple different backups so you must agree who will upload the data.

When does our backup need to be taken and uploaded?

You should create a backup on your agreed migration day, no later than 16:00. Most schools will create their backup after the PM registers have been completed, so that this data migrates across. If you are not sure when your agreed migration day is, please get in touch with the Onboarding Team (

Top tip: Once a backup of your current MIS had been taken, any data you input in your current MIS will not migrate across to your new Arbor MIS site. You may need to communicate to your wider school team that they should no longer use your current MIS after the backup has been taken and the data provided to Arbor. Some schools like to take paper registers for a couple of days whilst the migration to Arbor is being completed.

How do we take a backup of the data in our current MIS?

Click here to view our data migration guides and select the system that you are currently using the view the relevant article.

What happens once we send our data to Arbor?

Once you've sent us your data, we will begin your migration process straight away. Once the migration process is complete, the onboarding team will send an email to the project lead with more information about the migration and how you can log into your new Arbor MIS for the first time! Before releasing the site to the wider team, we suggest that the Project lead follows these steps on getting started first: Getting stated with your Arbor MIS

When will my Arbor site be ready? To find out more about our migration process and when your new Arbor MIS will be ready, please click here

What to do if there is an error when uploading the data

If an error appears when you are trying to upload your data, please get in touch with and send us a screenshot of the error.

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