Making payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay

Parents can make faster payments on the Parent App using Google and Apple Pay.

Before using Google and Apple Pay

To enable parents to be able to use Google or Apple Pay, make sure that:

  1. Your school has set up Card Payments on your Arbor site.
  2. Your school is on our newest Perform package. All other Arbor packages won’t have this feature by default. Want to upgrade or find out what package you’re on? Just get in contact with your Account Manager.
  3. Parents will need to have updated to the latest version of the Parent App to be able to use Apple Pay and Google Pay - they need to be using version 20.2 for Apple and version 20 for Google or above.
  4. Parents have set up Google or Apple Pay. You may wish to send parents an email with a link to Google or Apple's guidance on how to set this up.


Setting up the payment method

Google Pay

Parents can set up Google Pay following these instructions: Download the Google Wallet app

Apple Pay

Parents can set up Apple Pay following these instructions: Set up Apple Pay


Using Google or Apple Pay

Once set up, parents will see the Google or Apple Pay button when making purchases through the app for their basket.

apple pay.png


They'll then be able to authenticate the payment, and receive a confirmation of payment completion within Apple or Google Pay.




How to refund a payment made via Google or Apple pay?

You can refund a payment made via Google or Apple pay by refunding by card. The amount will automatically be refunded to whichever card the user has linked to their Google or Apple pay account.

What are the fees for using Google or Apple Pay?

As the payments are process through Arbor by Stripe, the transaction fee is the same as using regular Card Payments.

Who can use Google or Apple Pay?

Parents can use Google or Apple pay on the Parent App, if the school is on our newest Perform package, and have enabled Card Payments and the Parent App.

If not, the Google Pay and Apple pay buttons won't show.

Where can we use Google or Apple Pay?

It is not possible to use Apple or google pay for staff, or on the Parent Portal. We've chosen to prioritise the Parent App for this payment method, as 87% of Arbor payments are made from mobile devices. For faster payments on the Parent Portal, why not try our Basket feature.

As this is a new feature, we're always looking for ways we can improve it to suit our school's needs. If you have any feedback, please submit it to our product team here: Pay using Apple/Google Pay from the App

How do refunds work?

You can use the same process as refunding card payments. The amount will automatically refunded to the card the guardian has linked to Apple or Google Pay.

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