Can we remove the colour-coding for assessment marksheets or report cards?

It isn't possible to remove the colour-coding from marksheets, but you can remove the colour-coded portion from the Report Cards. Ad Hoc assessments cannot be colour-coded, because you cannot set targets for Ad Hoc assessments.

In your report card, in the General tab, click Colour marks.



Make sure this box is unticked, then click Save Changes.



If you do choose to have this on, hover over the question mark to see how the colour-coding is done.

For summative marks, this is in line with the colour-coding on the marksheet: How the marksheet is colour coded - editing Target Judgement Rules

For curriculum assessments:

  • Less then 20% = Red
  • Less then 50% = Orange
  • Less then 70% = Yellow
  • Less then 85% = Green
  • Greater then 85% = Dark Green
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I'm still stuck!


  • Gwyn Mabo the problem with your solution is that it removes the grade as well.  Where is the colour coding being driven out from and why can't it be modified?

  • Hi Rob, the colour-coding is Arbor-defined and is based on the grade given. It ranges from red to green depending on how many grades there are in between. I'm afraid there isn't the ability to amend the colours that show.


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