Student does not have a core learning aim set for their 16 to 19 study programme

This Arbor error will flag if a student has not been given any Core Aims, and is a reminder to check your data. For full guidance on programmes and aims, please see Programmes of Study and Core Learning Aims for Post-16.


Go to the Enrolment section of the student's profile and scroll down to see their enrolment into Programmes. Check that they have been enrolled into at least one. You can add any enrolments if needed by clicking +Add.



If the student is doing any vocational courses, one should be marked as the Core Aim. You can click into the enrolment and click Edit to mark it as the Core Aim. This will remove the validation on the next generation of the census.



If the student is not taking vocational courses (for example if they are only doing GCSE resits or A levels), they should not have any Core Aims.

In this case, you will not be able to remove the validation in your census. As this validation is in Arbor and not a DfE error, you will need to submit your census with this validation.


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