How can I check who entered an assessment grade for a student?

You can check who entered the mark from an assessment marksheet.


You'll need the School: View: Assessments: Review permission to see the mark history on a marksheet. If you don't have the permission, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions.


Go to the marksheet of the class (you can see how to do this here for teachers or here for Administrators), hover your mouse over the mark you'd like to check and click More Information.



If you click on this, a slide over will appear and you will be able to view an audit log of when the mark was added and changed.

It may say the mark is from a different date to the date the mark was entered. The mark will show as entered on the date selected in the filters in the marksheet. So if you input marks on the 2nd, but your marksheet was set to the 1st, the marks will show as being logged on the 1st.


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  • Hi Gwyn

    Is it possible to clear an Audit Log?

    We have data has been entered while testing marksheets and would prefer not to see this.



  • Hi Karen, it isn't possible to clear this log.


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