Teachers - Getting to the summative assessment marksheet and adding marks

This article covers getting to the summative assessment marksheet, how to add marks and some troubleshooting tips if you can't add marks as a teacher.

For admins and SLT, please use this article.


  • Students: Assessments: Administer All Students - access all marksheets and input marks.
  • Administer All Students - for the classes you are linked to as the Form Tutor or Academic Lead.
  • School: View: Assessments: Review - see the mark history on a marksheet.

If you don't have permission, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions.

Accessing the marksheet

We recommend using the Academic Unit Marksheets, as it's perfect for teachers who need to enter assessment marks for all their assessments (summative and ad hoc) from one marksheet, plus it can be used with Custom Marksheets.

For more information on the two different marksheets in Arbor, see this article: What are the different summative assessment marksheets?

We don't recommend selecting the assessment options from My Items > My Classes because:

  • The All Assessments option will take you to the Summative Tracking marksheet, not the Academic Unit Marksheet.
  • The Full Marksheet option won't have the same left-hand menu as if you access it from the lesson dashboard.

Go to your calendar, and select the lesson.



Select Assessments from the left-hand menu. In the Summative Tracking tab, select Full Marksheet.



Adding in marks

From the marksheet, be sure to select which grades and targets to display using the filters, then add in the marks for the assessment period chosen.

Choose your filter settings

The filters also let you select the date range, assessments and columns you wish to include. If you are wanting to enter marks for a different term you will need to select a date from within that term.

Some columns will show or not show by default depending on the Marksheet Settings your school has set up. You may also have additional columns due to your school choosing to use Custom Marksheets, but these are not editable from the filters.




Add in marks

Entering Marks Individually

Once you have accessed the correct marksheet, you can begin to enter marks into the grid.

  • Click into a field to open the drop-down menu of values to select from, or start typing.
  • Auto-complete suggests the shortest match (e.g. type “A” and “A” will be suggested first rather than “A+” or “A-”.
  • Hit your Enter key to save the value and move onto the cell below. Then hit Enter again to start typing into the new field.

Copy and paste from any source, across multiple fields.

  • To copy, select the fields and drag until they are all selected, then use Ctrl+C (Windows) or Cmd + C (Mac).
  • To paste, select the fields and drag until they are all selected, then use Ctrl+V (Windows) or Cmd + V (Mac).



Bulk Entering Marks

You may have multiple students in your class all with the same mark. To save time you can bulk enter the marks.

Just tick the students you want to enter the same mark for by ticking the box on the left-hand side of their name. Click on the Bulk action button to select one of the options.



Bulk Edit Marks - In the slide over, choose the grade/mark that applies to the selected students and then click on the green Save Changes button.



Bulk Copy Marks (only available from the Full Marksheet page) - Copy assessment marks between past, present and future assessment periods. Both the source and target assessment periods must be visible in order to select them, so remember to change the dates in the filters! You can see which marks will be copied over - any marks highlighted in red will be overridden, and grey will not be changed.




Bulk Edit Multiple Columns (only available from the Full Marksheet page) - update the marks for the same assessment period for multiple assessments at once.




Adding Comments

The marksheet also contains a Comment column where you can add any additional comments to support the mark the student has been given. These comments can then be included in Report Cards when needed.

To add a comment click on the comment cell and a pop-up window will appear for you to type your comment into. You can also use a snippet.



How can I mark assessment strands?

When you have a summative assessment setup to include strands, you will only be able to enter assessment data into the strands and not the overall grade for the assessment. This is because this overall grade is derived from the data entered into each strand.

I can't add marks for a student?

If you can't add marks for students, please follow these tips: Why can the teacher not add assessment marks?

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