How do we migrate staff absence and cover?

Cover requests and Absence Cover notes are not migrated into Arbor. This includes past historic cover, cover added to the previous MIS before migration and future cover requirements. This means your cover statistics will show 0.

However, we do migrate staff absence data, which may trigger cover to be required for future events.

We migrate information for staff absences and the category of staff absences from SIMS, Bromcom, Integris, Progresso, CMIS and ScholarPack.

We don't migrate Absence notes or narratives.

Migration from Progresso

In Progresso, staff absences can be entered without a time. This will migrate to Arbor with the end time being 1 minute after the start time. You'll then need to amend the times so the staff absence duration and working days lost calculations are correct.

Progresso doesn't have a separate category for Paternity, so we've mapped to the most common (Maternity). You can change the category after migration.

Covid-related staff absence

We can only migrate the Absence category and Sickness category for staff absences. In Arbor, it is the third level (Sickness subcategory) that logs a staff absence as Covid-related. As that information isn't migrated, Covid-related staff absence will just be migrated as the generic Cold, Cough, Flu, Viral infection Sickness category. You can see how to then amend these details here.

Absence types

There may be some differences in the staff absence types available on Arbor compared to your previous MIS. For example:

  • 'Release' in SIMS migrates to 'Sickness' in Arbor.
  • 'Internal Duties' in SIMS migrates to 'School Activity' in Arbor.

Arbor will always try to find the closest match for any unknown absence types when migrating your staff absence data. However, you are welcome to edit the absence to manually select a category from Arbor's list - you can see how to do this here.

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