Can we have Single Sign-on or Two-factor Authentication for only certain staff?

No, it is not possible to require only certain staff (such as teachers) to log in using Single Sign-on or to use Two-factor Authentication, such as for a trial.

If you enable these features, they will be visible and usable for all staff at your school.

  • Staff can still log in with their username and password when Single Sign-on is enabled, but we can't remove the Single Sign-on button for only some staff.
  • You can set up IP whitelisting so staff don't need to use two-factor authentication when logging in while onsite.
  • You can tick the on the setup page to Bypass two-factor authentication for SSO accounts?. This will mean that two-factor authentication is only required when using the Arbor Username and Password, but not when logging in with Single Sign-on (SSO)


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