My Homepage on the MAT MIS

My Homepage will show you everything that’s going on with your schools at a glance including live attendance, behaviour and attainment stats and quick links to other areas.

The top menus and site links

At the top left, you'll see your Trust’s logo. Clicking on the logo will bring you back to the main dashboard, regardless of where you are on the system.

The menu options at the top of the dashboard load different areas of the system:

  • My Items - Here you have access to your account data.
  • Analytics -  In this section, you will find all the areas for analysing your schools' data.
  • Administration - In this section, you will find all the areas for configuring your setup.
  • Institutions - Here you can see information about your schools, and log into school sites.
  • Group Staff - Manage your group staff's HR details and profiles.



 On the top right you'll see links to other areas:

  • Sign out - You can sign out of Arbor by clicking the link next to your name.
  • Help Centre - Click here to access the Help centre, a great place to start if you need support using our useful guides, videos and the Arbor Community!
  • Notifications - Any notifications will appear in the speech bubble next to the Arbor logo. 
  • Arbor - Click here to access our website and blog.

If you see a lot of notifications you can quickly clear these by going to My Items > My Account and clicking the green Clear Notifications button.



Quick Actions

The Quick Actions list gives you a list of specific tasks that you can perform without having to click into a menu. We’ve chosen these based on the actions all our users take most often, so they aren’t customisable.



Key performance indicators (KPIs)

You can view the figures across your whole MAT MIS, or for just the schools you are associated with.

To look at specific schools or clusters, add them to the filter, then click Apply filter.



Click any KPI to see further breakdowns.



When clicking into the Attendance KPIs, you'll see the ability to group your results in different ways.



Go to the Students tab for a breakdown by individual student. Select a student to jump to their profile on the school's site (if you're able to log into that school).


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