Attendance Threshold analysis on the MAT MIS

Attendance thresholds allow you to set expectations for attendance on your MAT MIS, which is displayed when you drill down into your Whole School Attendance data.



To set up and view the thresholds, you'll need to have the Group: Policy: Administer and Group: Policy: View permissions. If you don't have permission, you'll need to ask an administrator to give you permission following these instructions.


Setting up a new Attendance Threshold

Go to Analytics > Thresholds. Here you can see your existing threshold settings and click +Add to add a new one.



In the slide over, choose your threshold settings:

  • Data point measure - currently, you can only select Whole School Attendance
  • Applies to - select the student group the thresholds applies to. You can select one from the list of demographics such as FSM, ethnicity or year groups
  • Expectation - The value which students should achieve
  • Exceeding Expectation (optional) - The value where a student exceeds expected levels



You can click into the threshold and click Edit to change or delete the threshold.




Using the Attendance Thresholds

Click into the Whole School Attendance KPI on your Homepage or in Analytics > Attendance.



Drill down into whichever level of data you would like to view, and click into the student group you set the threshold to apply to. In this example, I chose Pupil Premium, so I can click into a pupil premium group.



You can choose to display your threshold measures using the tick boxes at the top of the page.

Your chart will be coloured based on whether the group of students is above or below the threshold, rather than being compared to the overall average. 




We don't have Thresholds on our site?

Attendance Thresholds is part of our newest MAT MIS Plus or Enterprise tiers. All other Arbor packages won’t have this feature by default. Want to upgrade or find out what package you’re on? Just get in contact with your Account Manager.

Where can we use this feature?

This feature is currently available within the Whole School Attendance KPI from your Homepage or Analytics > Attendance (once switched on) but we'll be looking to add this features to other KPIs in the future.

Is there a notification when attendance drops below the threshold?

Currently, nobody is notified when attendance drops below the expected level. If you'd like to request we add this feature, please add your feedback here.

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