Seeing and editing summative assessment marks for individual students

To see summative assessment marks for a student for last year, previous years or terms, you can do this from their student profile. Just go to their profile and go to Summative Tracking from the left-hand menu.

Summative assessment marks recorded for the student

On the Working At page, you can view data for the current year or past years by changing the academic year drop-down menu.



You can see a list of all of the student’s subjects and their baseline, current and target grades.



Click a field to add or edit the grades. If a grade isn't editable, this means it has been locked.



A graph of the student's progress over time

On the Progress over time page, you can see a chart containing progress data points for all assessments the student is assigned onto for the specified time-frame. The chart presents progress grades against a monthly breakdown. 

Top Tip: If your school usually uses worded grades rather than numbers (such as EXS, GDS, BLW, WTS), you will see numbers in analysis where there is a combination or average of scores.



Click on the filters at the top of the page to apply a particular time frame and specific settings.



When hovering your mouse onto a particular data point, a tooltip is displayed with a breakdown of the grade.


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