Exporting summative assessment marks for analysis outside of Arbor

You can download marks for summative assessments in Arbor using our export pages. Just go to Students > Assessments > Summative Tracking > Export and select one of the menu options on the left-hand side.

Export Raw summative marks or targets and baselines

Go to Export > Raw summative assessment marks or Raw summative baselines and targets to quickly download or live feed your assessment data into PowerBI or Google Looker Studio.

You can filter down your data by year group, assessment or assessment period.



Exporting to Power BI

Exporting to Power BI

If exporting to Power BI, be sure to tick that authentication is required and to output as JSON. 





In power BI, click Get data > Blank query



Paste the query into the bar at the top, then right-click List and select To Table.




Click the grey button that has appeared on the heading, and select OK.





Export all marks

If you want to export all your marks, you can use our Export Student Marks pages.

  • Use the All Student Marks page if you are in a small school such as a primary.
  • Use the Bulk Export Student Marks page if you are a large school such as a secondary. We recommend this option for schools with large data tables to avoid having to wait a long time for the data to load.
The All Student Marks table

You can use this page to see student marks across multiple assessments and export them in other formats using the Download button.

In the filters, add the data range you'd like to export data for, select the students to include and add your assessments.



You can then see the marks recorded for each student.


The Bulk Export Student Marks download

You can use this page to export the same information into a downloadable Excel file without needing to wait for the table to load first.

Just add the data range you'd like to export data for, select the students to include and your assessments.



Once you click the Export button, you'll receive a message that the export is generating.



Refresh your page and you'll get a notification pop up in the top right of your page. Click the notification to download the excel file to your computer.



You can then open the file.



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