How do we migrate SEN (Special Educational Needs) and EHCP?

Different Special Educational Needs information is migrated to Arbor, depending on your previous MIS system.

What is migrated?

We migrate:

  • SEN Needs and current SEN Statuses from ScholarPack, CMIS, Integris, Progresso, SIMS and Bromcom.
  • SEN Events from Integris, Progresso, SIMS and Bromcom.
  • SEN Reviews (as SEN Events) from SIMS and Bromcom.
  • The SEN Status History and previous SEN Statuses for students from ScholarPack, SIMS and Bromcom - this means Educational health Care Plans (EHCP) status migrates.
  • EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plans) from ScholarPack and SIMS.
  • SEN notes from SIMS and ScholarPack (support log data into Pastoral Notes and confidential support logs into Safeguarding Notes).

The information above is migrated for current students. It is also migrated for applicants from SIMS and Integris.

What isn't migrated?

We do not migrate:

  • SEN additional support information from SIMS.
  • SEN Provisions.
  • Custom SEN statuses - these will migrate to Arbor as No Special Educational Need. Please see this article for further details on the recognised statuses: What are the SEN Statuses of N, E and K?

Should you need to add or amend any details, you can see how to do this here: Adding SEN (Special Educational Need) for a student

Statement (S)

Please note that although we do migrate SEN Statement from CMIS, Integris, Progresso, SIMS and Bromcom, this is no longer valid so should be changed: Edit or delete an SEN need or SEN Status

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