Should we edit our timetable in Arbor or import a new one?

If you use one of our timetabling partners (Edval or TimeTabler), please use this article to decide which system to update your timetable in.

You can make edits to your timetable either in Arbor or in your timetabling system and import the changes. However, depending on the scale of your changes, we'd recommend one over the other.

Small updates

If you'll be making a few small changes to your timetable, such as moving one class to a different room, deleting unneeded slots or assigning a new teacher, we recommend making these changes in Arbor. You can see how to do this here: Editing timetable slots and lesson times

You won't need to re-import right now, but if you do need to make bigger changes later on, this will ensure all changes are applied to the new timetable as well.

Large updates

If you need to make many small changes (such as swapping all your teachers around), or large changes to your course structure (such as adding a new class for maths), we recommend making these changes in your timetabling software.

You will then need to re-import your new timetable into Arbor.

Before importing your file, please read the guidance below to ensure you're completing the process correctly depending on when you're importing the file.

Please note that anything scheduled against the original timetable slots will be deleted or replaced as a result of the timetable re-import (such as cover allocations and room changes). These will need to be re-applied to the newly imported timetable slots e.g. you will need to allocate cover again.

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