Get started with managing your Arbor timetable

In this article we'll introduce your key resources to help you set up and manage your timetable in Arbor. For more detail on the terminology used in our guidance, please see our Timetabling Glossary

What system can we use for timetabling?

There are two ways to create or manage your timetable.

You can do this in Arbor, using our built-in timetabling functionality.

You can do this using one of our timetabling integration partner's products. We have direct integrations with:

  • TimeTabler - Create and manage your timetable in TimeTabler, then download and import your file into Arbor. See how to import from TimeTabler here: TimeTabler
  • Edval - Data is sent to Edval, mapped there then sent back to Arbor via API integration. See how to get your timetable from Edval into Arbor here: Edval

Please note that Arbor does not integrate directly with any other third party timetabling software (such as Nova T), so you will need to use Arbor, TimeTabler or Edval.

What do we need to do with our timetable?

If you've not yet moved to Arbor, please follow our pre-migration guidance here: Migrating your Timetable

If you've already moved to Arbor, your timetable will have been migrated into Arbor or your school will have set this up in your Arbor site, so you'll already have a timetable.

You can do a variety of things with your timetable in Arbor - take a look at our resources here: Managing School Structure, Courses and Timetables

We want to change our timetable

When changing your timetable, you can make edits in Arbor or your timetabling software. Please see this guidance for the best course of action: Should we edit our timetable in Arbor or import a new one?

You might also wish to remove the timetable you already have and start again from scratch. How to do this will depend on whether you've already started to take attendance.

We've started to take attendance

You won't be able to delete your current timetable if you've started taking attendance.

Instead, you'll need to

  1. end your existing timetable slots: End timetable slots in bulk
  2. create your new structure or import from TimeTabler or Edval

You might want to rename your existing structure so it's clear that this is the old out of use one.

We've not started to take attendance

You can remove your existing set up and get set up from scratch again.

First, delete all your courses: Deleting a course

Then, set up your timetable again.

What is the recommended Course Structure in Arbor?

We recommend courses operate on a 3 level structure, as this works best with Assessments, and with importing timetables from Edval or TimeTabler. All our Help Centre guidance aimed at Secondaries, All-throughs and Post-16 providers is based on this structure.

The diagram below shows our recommended structure - a Key Stage instance of a subject sits at the top level, with the Year Groups the subject is being taken by sitting as the middle level. Finally, all the timetabled classes sit as the bottom level courses under the appropriate year group.

recomended structure.png


The structure will look like this on the School > Programmes > Courses page, and when setting up your timetable for the next academic year in the New School Year Setup area.

history course.png


An alternative structure has the Subject as the top course component and the individual classes directly underneath. In this case, you would just skip the middle step of the setup, and label the sub-modules themselves with the correct year group.

alternative without bottom-level modules.png


Further help

How do we get support?

Please note that our Arbor Support Team cannot support you with any issues you have with the TimeTabler software, however, we can help with the integration on the Arbor side.

Do you offer training?

We offer in-depth training on how how to utilise the timetabling area of Arbor. Delivered in a 1-1 setting, a specialist will take you through the relevant areas of Arbor show you how to get started and make changes to your timetable where needed based on your requirements.

To help you find the right service for your school, get in touch at   

Please note that we are unable to offer training on using the TimeTabler or Edval systems before import - please get in touch with them for details of support they offer. You may also wish to contact MIST, TimeTabler’s accredited support providers.

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