Assessment Reporting Periods on the MAT MIS

To enable you to analyse assessments on the MAT MIS, you need to have the right Assessment Reporting Periods set up.

Go to Administration > Assessments > Annual Policy > Reporting Periods. Arbor uses the end date of the school’s assessment period to determine which Group assessment period it will fall into.

Top Tip: If you want to change the dates for each term, you can see how to do this here: Academic years and terms on the MAT MIS



  • In the example below, you can see that because the school Spring 2 assessment period for the first schools ends within the Summer assessment period, it will be pulled into the Summer assessment period on the MAT MIS.
  • You must also make sure that there isn’t a gap between your terms. If there is a gap, any school assessment periods with end dates that fall between Group assessment periods will not be included in your analysis. In the example below forPinewood Secondary, the end date of the Spring term assessment period ends between the end date of the Spring and start date of the Summer Group assessment periods, so you won’t be able to analyse any assessment marks recorded for that period.



You can also change your reporting frequency from termly to half-termly.



This will divide each termly assessment period in half.

Please note: You are not able to edit the date ranges for half-termly periods, but you can change the names.


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