Viewing your schools' DfE Standardised assessment results on the MAT MIS

Once the data has been input or released, you can analyse your schools' data on your MAT MIS site. For your key dates, please see this article: Introduction to DfE statutory assessments in Arbor and key dates

Before using the analysis pages

To be able to use this page, make sure:

  1. You have an active data-sharing agreement set up between your MAT MIS site and your school’s sites to allow the data to be populated. You can check they have been confirmed by following the instructions in this article.

  2. The academic year has been added to your MAT MIS site: Academic years and terms on the MAT MIS


View all your schools' results

From results day onwards you can go to Analytics > Assessment > Attainment & Progress > Select Key Stage.

Overview Dashboard

This page shows all your school assessments.



DfE Assessment

From the left-hand menu select MIS Data > DfE Assessment and view all your schools’ data for these assessments:

  • EYFS
  • Key Stage 1 - this includes Phonics with the % meeting and not meeting the expected standard.
  • Key Stage 2 - this includes the Multiplication Tables Check with measures of Mean Average Score (out of 25) and % of student who scored 25.

The academic year will default to the most recent year, but you can look at past years using the drop-down.



On certain measures you'll be able to see your National Benchmarking figures.

You can view year on year trends for your DfE assessment data for last year and previous years. 



Check your schools have imported their KS2 data

You’ll be able to check each school’s data in the All Measures tab on the Key Stage 2 page. If a school hasn't uploaded their KS2 data yet, you won't see any data in that school's column.


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