Changing Class or Registration Sessions to a Two-Week Timetable Cycle

You may want to change your register sessions from a one-week cycle to a two-week cycle if:

  • you're already using a two-week timetable cycle for your lessons and want to change your AM and PM registration sessions to match your lessons
  • you have sessions with a different teacher or in a different room on different weeks

Step 1 - End your current timetable slots

Go to the course via School > Programmes > Courses > 2022/2023 Courses. Click on the course and click More Information.


On the following page, click on each timetable slot found in the Classes and Lessons section, click Edit, add an end date and click Save Changes.


Step 2 - Add new timetable slots

From the same Classes and Lessons section, click +Add and then Schedule Multiple Lessons.


On the slide-over, tick all the Day of timetable cycle options, set the start and end times, set the effective date so it starts the day after you ended the previous timetable slots and click Save Changes.

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