Students on a reduced timetable

You may have some students who are compulsory school age, but are attending on a reduced provision or part time timetable. This could be for SEN or behavioural reasons for example, and could be long or short-term.

Top Tip: You can see how this impacts the census here: Part Time students for the School Census

Head to School > Programmes > CoursesCheck for a plus (+) next to the class that will be coming in part-time. If it's present click on it. 

If you see something like this, you can manage enrolment into the registers in the same way as you would for Nursery students. You can enrol them into only the registration periods that they should attend. You can see how to do this here: Enroling students in their registers



If you have a more complex timetable than just registration forms, or if you don't have the structure above, you can either:

  • (Recommended) Add recurring planned absences with the right pre-fill attendance mark - this will keep them in the registers, but mark them as absent with the attendance code you choose when the student isn't required to attend.
  • Add Timetable Slot Student Exceptions for the student - this will remove them from the classes when the student isn't required to attend. Please note that this will mean no attendance mark is recorded for the student, and may result in missing statutory roll call attendance marks.
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