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Generating student CTF exports

Generating a CTF for an individual student

If a student is leaving full-time education

If this is the case, you don't need to worry about unenrolling final year school leavers. As long as they haven't been included in the next academic year they will be automatically unenrolled.


If a student is moving schools

To generate a CTF for a student if, for example, they are moving to another school:

Browse or search for the student

At the bottom of the student's profile, there will be an Admin Functions section. 



Click the 'Add' Button to select the type of CTF.



Select where the CTF will be going, then follow the steps to create the CTF. https___sunnyville_uk_arbor_sc___student-ui_overview_id_448.png




To download the CTF, click the notification then click Download.




Alternatively, you can click the CTF section on their profile,  select the CTF then click DownloadThe CTF will download to your computer, for you to send to the required destination.





Generating CTFs for multiple students

Go to School > Data > Export > CTF Export

Click on '+Add' from the 'Student CTF Exports' section and then on 'CTF Exports (Students)'



This should now display a slide-over in which you should select each student you want to transfer in one CTF.

On the slide bar that appears, select the academic year from the list, the students/group (e.g. year groups, reg form) and selec the destination such as 'A school in England & Wales' and click Next.



In the next slide-over, select the Destination LA and New School name and, if needed, notes can be left on this CTF. Click on the green 'Create CTF' button to proceed.



You can then click on 'Ready for Download' and then the green 'Download' button from the new slide-over.



You can then end the enrollment of your student as outlined in this article.

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