Boost - Make the most out of Payments in Arbor

Begin, Build, Boost

You're at Boost, the third step in your school's journey to getting the most out of payments in Arbor!



To take Payments to the next level, let's take a look at some of the ways you can automate meal choices and streamline payment management.

Top Tip: Some of these features require your school to have purchased a certain package. To upgrade or for more information, please contact your Account Manager.

Get parents and students to choose their meals

Using our built-in meals option, you can have teachers select meals each day in the meal register, or add daily meal choices. You may wish to explore further options to save your teachers time and more accurately record exactly what students are eating.

Rotating Meal Menus

Rotating Meal Menus enable you to have changing meal choices that parents can book in advance through the parent Portal and Arbor App.

meal menu choice.png


Cashless Catering

Using one of our two-way Cashless Catering integrations means payment information for meals is up-to-date in both systems with no need for double entry.

For parents, the Parent Portal and Arbor app can become their single point of access for making top ups and checking balances, without needing to jump into a different system.

  • Save time - no need to update, top up and log in and out of multiple systems.
  • Easy reconciliation - balances are automatically copied between systems in almost real time.
  • Automate account balance updates - when a child pays for their meal, the price is automatically deducted from their account balance in Arbor.

Arbor can integrate with CRB Cunninghams, Live Register or Civica - see how to set up the integration here: Cashless Catering

example cashless payment.png


Other ways to pay

Apple Pay and Google Pay

As well as topping up an account by card, parents can make payments on their devices using Apple Pay or Google Pay. You can see how to get set up (and see the package requirements for this feature) here: Making payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay

pay via apple pay.png


Payments using vouchers

Many students receive childcare support in voucher form, which parents can use to pay for various childcare services such as wraparound care clubs.

top up by voucher.png


Managing balances

Using our built-in page in School > Payments > Accounts > Balances you can send a reminder to top up. 

Top Tip: If you want to send to staff, or customise your own message, you'll need to set up a Custom Communication Template based on a Custom Report Writer report - see how to do this here: Using a custom template

For more guidance on moving money and managing debt, you can see these resources:

follow up with balances.png


What's next?

You're at the finish line of your Begin, Build, Boost journey, but that doesn't mean things have to stop here! This is just the start of using Payments at your school!

Want more?

Our Customer Education specialists can offer in-depth support on how to use the areas covered in Begin Build Boost, and beyond for other areas of Arbor. Depending on the area, there are Foundation sessions, more in-depth consultations or a bespoke session.

To discuss what would best suit your school's needs, please contact your Account Manager.

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