Parents can't see or make Meal Menu choices

Parents and guardians might not be able to select which meal their child is going to have. Follow the troubleshooting steps below to resolve this. 


You'll need the Meals: Administer All Students permission to set up meal menus. If you don't have the permission, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions.


Step 1 - Check you have the Meal Menus feature

Rotating Meal Menus are only available in our Payments Plus package. If you'd like to upgrade, or for more information on Payments Plus, please contact your Account Manager at

Step 2 - Check the date

Guardians can view and edit their children's future meal choices until either:

  • the deadline your school sets for changing meal choices has passed.
  • the meal has taken place if you don't set a deadline.

Once the deadline passes or the meal has taken place, guardians cannot see past meal choices.

Step 3 - Check the Parent Portal availability dates

If a meal isn't marked as available, it won't be visible on the Parent Portal or Arbor App.

Go to School > Meals > Setup and select Meal menus. Select the meal, then check the Availability Dates are current.



Step 4 - Check the students attending the meal

If a meal isn't available for a student, it won't be visible on the Parent Portal or Arbor App.



Go to School > Meals > Setup and select Attendees and either:

  • Click on the Automatic Group Attendees tab, and add the student's registration form.
  • Click into the Students Without regular Meal Patterns tab and click on the individual student to give them a pattern.


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