Data Entry Checklist for Manual Migration Schools

We’ve put together a workbook to help you keep track of your Manual Migration Journey, the key steps to take through the onboarding, and where you’re up to with entering data into your new Arbor MIS.

You can download the workbook from the bottom of this page.

Onboarding Milestones

This first tab lists the key onboarding milestones you’ll need to complete during your 8-week onboarding journey and provides you with tools to keep track of whether they have been completed or see what is coming in future weeks.

Use the status column to indicate whether the task is complete with a tick, In progress with a triangle or delayed with a cross. Arbor has pre-populated the ‘due’ column to indicate when tasks need to have been completed. These tasks are also documented in the Arbor Training Hub and the weekly guidance you receive in your Arbor MIS. 

Data Entry Checklist

This tab is designed to show you what information you need to enter into your blank Arbor MIS and when to do this and also provides additional information such as whether this data is required for census, and whether it can be added into Arbor in bulk or manually.

Use this tab to keep track of your progress when entering data into your blank Arbor MIS.

You can access the relevant training videos to help show you how to add this data via the Manual Migration course in the Arbor Training Hub.

Training Information

This tab covers how to access the Arbor Training Hub and complete your Arbor training.

The training in the Hub will cover how to set up and start using your new Arbor MIS - as your Arbor site is blank you will need to add all of your school data to it before you can start using it. This is covered in the Manual Migration site setup training course.

As well as the Manual Migration site set up training, you also need to complete your onboarding training (this is training on the basics of Arbor, such as how to take registers, etc). 

You can see an overview of the Manual Migration training here.

Click here to see an overview of the onboarding training, and when to book it, here

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