Readiness for Go Live - Manual Migration Schools

Please note!

This guide is for schools that are moving to Arbor from an existing MIS that we don't have a migration tool for.

1. Complete all necessary site set up

Before you Go Live, the relevant staff members should have completed all Manual Migration training videos on the Arbor Training Hub and you should have entered all the following information into Arbor: 

  • School Details & Pastoral Structure
  • Staff Data
  • Student & Guardians Data

Top Tip!

You can use the Data Entity Importers to import some information in bulk! See our guide here on how to access and use these. This will also be covered in your Manual Migration Training


2. Make sure users have the correct Business Roles and permissions 

You will need to assign each member of staff a Business Role to allow them to log into Arbor. Business Roles determine the level of access staff have in Arbor, and each role is made up of different Permissions. Without a business role, you do not have permission to access anything on Arbor. To add in a Business Role, navigate to the staff profile, and down to the Current Business Roles table, and click the +add button.

3. Ensure all staff have their work email address set as their 'default' email address to make sure they can get logged in

In Arbor, the default email address is the one used to log in. We recommend that staff use their work email address to log into Arbor.

4. Share your URL with your wider team 

Once you are happy that staff have the correct Business Role and default email address you can share your Arbor URL with them so they can get logged in. 

  • Their username will be their default email address (which should be their work email) - and they will set their own password. 

If staff have any problems logging in, use our troubleshooting guide to identify the issue.

If staff need extra information the following guides are ideal for learning the basics:

•Introduction to Arbor - Guide for new Teachers

•Introduction to Arbor - Guide for new Admins, Data Managers and Back-office Staff

5. Approve your Third-Party Applications

You should have already notified any third-party systems of your move to Arbor. Once you're live, you'll be able to approve and test these connections. See our guide here on how to set up and manage your Third-Parties

To manage API connections on your Arbor site, you'll need the School: User Accounts: Administer permission.

6. Confirm that your registers are available for day one and your timetable is showing as expected

Check that your registers are available for day one by going to Students > Attendance > Registers By Date then change the date to the first day you plan to take attendance, this will show you all the registers scheduled for that day.

You should also check that your timetable is showing as expected by navigating to School > Timetable. To be extra thorough you should check some printable timetables for both staff and students for accurate teaching/learning times, rooms and breaks.

7. Make sure teachers know how to take a register on day 1 

Share this guide with teachers ahead of your first day taking attendance so they know how to take a register in Arbor. We also have a variety of videos aimed at different members of staff on the training to show them how to navigate Arbor and take a register.

8. Upload your Attendance Data

You'll need to upload historic attendance data for the next Census. Within your Manual Migration training, you should have downloaded your Attendance Data Entity Importer Template for you to populate with the required attendance data and upload into Arbor. 

Click here to read more about Entity Importers.

9.  Set Up any Priority Operations (e.g. Behaviour, Communications etc) 

Arbor has several areas of functionality that require some customisation before you can start using them e.g. Behaviour, Parent Portal. If you are planning to use any of these areas take a look at the setup guides in the Help Centre and the videos available on the Arbor training hub to guide you through the process.

10.  How to contact us for Support 

If you do get stuck, you can always check out more article and guides in our amazing Help Centre!

If you're Arbor supported you can get in touch with the Support Team in a variety of ways, detailed here: Contact us - How can I get in touch with Arbor?

If you're supported by one of our fantastic accredited partners please reach out to them for technical support!

11.  Extra Guidance for schools going live over the summer holidays 

For Summer Schools: Complete your New School Year Setup using our incredible Help Centre guidance which can be found here. We will also be running live webinars shortly before the summer break which you can check for and book onto using our Upcoming Webinars page here, or, if you miss the live session, you can find a webinar the recording here after we've finished running the live sessions.

You are now ready to start taking attendance in Arbor!

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