Training for Manual Migration Schools

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This guide is for schools that are moving to Arbor from an MIS that we don't currently have an automatic migrator tool (e.g. SchoolPod).


We recommend that every school completes training with our expert Training Team, to show you how to get the most out of your new MIS! Now you’re onboarding to Arbor, you’ll need to complete your training sessions. We’ve created this guide to give you an overview of the types of training available.

Manual Migrations Training

A key part of the training you need to complete during your onboarding is your Manual Migration training, this course is split into 8 different modules which each contain a series of pre-recorded videos and key information, detailing exactly how to set up your Arbor site from scratch:


The sessions should be watched in chronological order.

You do not need to book these sessions as you will already be enrolled in them on the Arbor Training Hub. The sessions are pre-recorded so you can watch them whenever is most convenient for you.


Top Tip!

Start watching your training videos as soon as possible after your project has kicked off to give yourself plenty of time to input your data.

Arbor Foundations Training

Your school will have also purchased Arbor Foundations training which can be found and booked on the Arbor Training Hub. These courses will start with the word "Foundations" and cover all the basics of Arbor you'll need to hit the ground running and use Arbor on your Go Live day. These sessions will teach beginners how to navigate and use the Arbor system, please see this article for our recommendations regarding when to take each session.

Additional Training

Your school may have purchased further training, for example, Behaviour Training to help you set up the behaviour area. If you have purchased any further training your Project Lead will have already been enrolled in these sessions on the Arbor Training Hub and should book training in line with when you would like to use this area in Arbor.
If you have any questions about your training don't hesitate to reach out to

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