Manual Migration Guides List

Here at Arbor we want to ensure you have as much relevant information available to you as we possibly can, so we've put together the below glossary of guides that will enhance your onboarding experience and Arbor knowledge!

As a Manual Migration School you'll be adding your data manually so it's important you're aware of the best methods to ensure success.

  • New Site Creation Guide - A handy downloadable PDF that walks you through the process of adding data to your new Arbor site 
  • Entity Importer Guide - Our 'how to' on using the Entity Importers to move some of your data over to Arbor in bulk using a series of templates 
  • Roles & Responsibilities - A summary of who will be part of your Arbor team, who will be part of your school team and what their roles is
  • Getting your team ready for change Primaries / Secondaries - Our advice on how to manage and promote change as a positive impact on your school 
  • Getting your new Arbor site School Census ready - An overview of how to ensure set up from scratch schools like yours can prepare for Census whilst onboarding with Arbor
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