Manual Migration Week by Week Guide

Welcome to Arbor! We’re delighted to have you onboard. Over the next 8 weeks, we will guide you through setting up Arbor so it’s ready to use as your new school MIS.

How Onboarding Works

You'll need to set your Arbor MIS up from scratch if you're a Manual Migration school. For more information on Manual Migrations, click here.

Most of the instructions on how to set up Arbor are delivered in your Arbor MIS, so keep an eye out for our friendly virtual assistant, Arby, who will direct you to the relevant training and site setup information each week of your onboarding journey. Click here for more information about how to use Arby.

As well as instructions in Arbor, and access to site setup videos on The Arbor Training Hub, we have provided an overview of what you need to do each week, broken down into two sections - Before Go Live and Post Go Live. Please scroll down all the way to see each week.

Before Go Live (Weeks 1 - 6)

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6

1. Log into Arbor, as this is where you’ll be provided with step-by-step instructions on how to set up your new MIS!

2. Watch your “Welcome to Onboarding” Kick Off video, which introduces you to the onboarding team and gives you an overview of the journey, including the training you need to complete, Arbor setup and data entry, how to manage 3rd party applications, and the process for contacting support.

3. Log into Arbor Training Hub to complete your Manual Migration Training. The training course is designed to guide you through the site setup process, showing you how to enter all of your data into Arbor ready to go live and start taking attendance.

4. In the Training Hub, head to the course Manual Migration and complete Module: Week 1. This will show you how to add School Details and Pastoral Structure to your blank Arbor site.

5. Following on from the training video, you should add School Details and Pastoral Structure to your blank Arbor site.

6. We’d also recommend creating staff profiles for any additional staff who will be helping with site setup.

7. Communicate your move to Arbor with your wider team. See our guide on Getting your Team Ready for Change.

Top Tip: The Data Entry Checklist is another tool you can use to ensure you are on track with the key onboarding tasks, training, and data entry each week as you set up your Arbor MIS! You can download this from the bottom of the page or click here to read more.


Post Go Live (Weeks 7 & 8)

Week 7 Week 8
1. Week 7 is your Go Live week! By now, you should have successfully set up your Arbor site as now it's time to start taking attendance and using your new Arbor MIS for your day-to-day in school.

2. This week, you should also connect any 3rd party application you want to use to Arbor. You can do this now by going to System > Partner Apps (API Users) - for more guidance on this, take a look here.

3. Another important thing you need to check this week is that your teaching staff are taking the registers. Click this link to watch a video that will show you how to check that all registers are being taken.


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