Manual Migration FAQs

What our Schools want to know

What is a Manual Migration?

A manual migration is completed when a school is moving to Arbor from a system that we can not pull the data from automatically. The process involves your Project Team adding data directly into a blank Arbor site.

Why can’t Arbor import the data for us 

Due to the significant difference in how data is stored in your current MIS and how it will be stored in Arbor, currently, there is no migration tool for it.

What data will Arbor import for us?

Arbor will import your historical attendance data once you have provided us with the correct file.

What are Entity Importers?

Entity Importers are templates that can be downloaded from your own Arbor site so you can input data and import it into your site in bulk. Please take a look at our guide here on how to access them and a step-by-step of how to do this.

Do I have to input historical attendance?

You’ll need to input the historical attendance data required for the census. The Arbor team will be able to import this data for you - your Project Manager will provide a csv template to complete and upload via a secure upload portal for us to proceed.

How do I import a CTF?

Please see this article for exact instructions on how to import a CTF.

How can I edit the information uploaded via Entity Importers?

If you are migrating your data mid-year, we recommend you don’t upload the entity importer templates until just before your Go Live; however, if you have done this before last-minute changes are made to the data you can always edit directly in Arbor. Please don’t attempt to re-upload the templates with edits as this will lead to duplicate information.

What is a third party and which ones does Arbor connect with?

A third party is another piece of software that Arbor can connect with to allow data to transfer between the two systems, please see this list from the Help Centre - Arbor's Third-Party API Integrations to check out the companies we can integrate with and how the connection works.

What information can different members of staff see on Arbor?

You can access a full list of Business roles and the permissions they hold by going to School > Users & Security select Business Roles on the left-hand side and then select the download button. This will then generate a spreadsheet of all of the business roles and permissions that are assigned to them.

If I’ve entered a staff member manually and also added on the template will the site recognise this and merge? 

The staff member will come across a duplicate, please remove from the template.

Can we bring student profile pictures across to Arbor?

We have a helpful guide on our Help Center to help with the process of getting these uploaded onto your site - Uploading and downloading photos.

How do staff log in for the first time?

Firstly, you will need to ensure that every staff member has a school email address and Business role to allow them to access the site. When ready, you can share the URL with your team who will then select the ‘First Time Logging In’ button and can set their own password. Please see this article for more details.

How can I make sure I'm Census ready when also moving to Arbor?

For those schools moving to Arbor over the Christmas break Census will occur pretty soon after go live. To make sure you have all the information you need, please see this guide.

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