Completing incomplete or unopened attendance registers

Arbor will flag to you in a report where there are any attendance registers that haven't been filled in.

Top Tip: Should you need to fix a lot of incomplete registers from before your migration to Arbor, you can see how to do this here: Migrated registers showing in Incomplete Registers

Admins - Sending reminders to complete registers or completing them for teachers

To complete incomplete registers go to Students > Attendance > Incomplete registers on the left-hand side. The date range can be changed by clicking on the filters.



Incomplete Registers provides you with a list of the registers that have not had their attendance completed. The Unopened tab shows the registers that have not been opened by teachers.

In the Marks column, you can see how many students were present, late and absent. The number next to the question mark indicates how many students have not been allocated a mark.



Tick the boxes next to the registers then click the Bulk action button to send a reminder email to the teachers of the class.




You can also click on the register and complete it by filling in the missing marks. Once complete this will be removed from the list.




What email address is used?

The email will be sent from your school's email address logged in School > School Details. If you don't have this set, it will use the default no-reply email address.

Can we edit the message for the reminder?

It is not possible to edit the text of the reminder email that is sent to teachers for unopened or incomplete registers.

When do registers appear in this report?

Registers will appear in this report 10 minutes after the scheduled start time of the class, to give teachers time to open and complete them at the start of the lesson.


Teachers - Completing any outstanding registers

If you have outstanding registers, you'll get an alert in the To Do section of your Homepage.



You can also go to My Items > My Incomplete Registers.

You'll be able to select the register to complete and fill in any missing marks.




Where can I view our incomplete migrated registers?

Just moved to Arbor?

  • Incomplete migrated registers will only show in Students > Attendance > Incomplete Registers.
  • They will not show for teachers on their Homepage To Do list or on the My Items >My Incomplete Registers page.

For completed migrated attendance registers, you'll need to use the Edit Imported Marks page instead. See how to do this here: Editing attendance marks migrated from your old MIS and adding missing marks

Where can I view our incomplete suspended registers?

  • Suspended classes and lessons will only show in Students > Attendance > Incomplete Registers.
  • They will not show for teachers on their Homepage To Do list or on the My Items >My Incomplete Registers page.
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