Edit School Shop item name or price

You can edit the name of the item or the price of the item before any items have been purchased.

Go to School > Payments > School Shop > School Shop Products. Select the item and click More Information in the slide over.

Click on the field to edit the details.

Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 11.39.07.png


After the first item has been purchased, please note that:

  • if you change the item name, the old name will still show on invoices, such as on the student's profile in Payments > School Shop > Invoices.
  • if you change the price, this¬†will not affect those students that have already made purchases. A new price will be applied only for future purchases for this product.

You would need to give the student a full refund for the original price they paid and then purchase the item again at the new, lowered price. You can see further details here: Can we give a partial refund for items?

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