Manually purchasing School Shop items and marking items as issued

Use this article if either:

  • you don't use the Parent Portal or Arbor App at your school
  • you need to manually log that a parent has purchased an item from the School Shop
  • the student has already had the maximum number they can buy purchased, and you need to give them additional items (unless overriding this would take the total items purchased over the total number of items available)


You'll need the Finance: Administer permission to log purchases. If you don't have the permission, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions.


Purchasing items

Go to School > Payments > School Shop, select the item and click More information.



Click +Add in the Product Purchases area.



In the slide over, select the number of items to purchase, and the student. It is not possible to select multiple students.



If the price for this student is 0, you won't need to add payment details.



If the price for this student is not 0, click Pay



Add the card details - Arbor accepts Visa or Mastercard only. You may also be asked to provide authentication.



Once the payment is successful, the items will show as Paid.



Marking items as issued

Go to School > Payments > School Shop, select the item and click More information.



Tick the box next to the students in the Product Purchases section, and click the blue pencil icon to select Mark as issued.



They will then be removed from the Paid tab, and will move to the Issued tab.



Please note that as items are issued, the Max. number available does not decrease. The number remaining (Max. number available minus the number purchased) is not visible, but is used to calculate items remaining when making purchases.



What's next?

If you need to mark an item as not issued, or give a refund, you can see how to do this here: Refunding and marking School Shop items as not issued

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