Refunding and marking School Shop items as not issued

Use this article if you need to refund payments for School Shop items, or mark them as not issued.

Parents cannot request their own refunds, so if a parent has made a purchase through the Parent Portal or Arbor App, or you've logged the purchase manually, you'll need to follow the same instructions.


You'll need the Finance: Administer permission to log refunds or items as not issued. If you don't have the permission, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions.

Refunding or marking as not issued

Go to School > Payments > School Shop, select the item and click More information.




Tick the boxes next to the students to refund, and click the blue pencil icon to select Refund purchase.



Once confirmed, the full amount for the selected purchases will be returned to the original payment card. The invoice will be cancelled and a credit note will be automatically added.



Marking items as not issued

Tick the boxes next to the students, and click the blue pencil icon to select Mark as not issued.



They will then move back to the Paid tab.



Once an item has been issued, can you refund and keep it as issued?

Once issued, you would need to:

  • Mark the item as not issued
  • Refund the item
  • Add a new price for the individual student of £0
  • Purchase this item again for them for free, and re-issue it
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