HR Admin - Positions

All positions  

All Positions gives a quick view of all positions available on the MIS.

You can also navigate here by going to School > All Staff > HR Admin > Positions.

Here you can bulk select multiple positions and edit their Position Category and Census Role Identifier. For more help with bulk updating, see this article.




When clicking on a specific position in the positions overview list a slide over will appear allowing you to edit the position by clicking Edit,  add or edit the position category and census business role by clicking them, or visit the Position overview for that position by clicking More.




Position overview

The Position overview is where all the information of the position can be edited or added.



Information can be edited by clicking on the row you would like to edit and updating the slide over.



Position Category

In the Overview section, a category can be added to the position, this information is needed for the Workforce Census. To add/amend click on the Position Category and choose the category from the slide over.



Position Business Roles

On Arbor a position can be linked to a business role, this is the role that gives staff members access to specific sections of Arbor. To link a business role click on '+Add' and choose the role.



Clicking on a business role from the position overview will display a slide over with the permissions within it.


On the slide over, at the top right, there is an edit button. This can be used to Remove The Business Role from within the Position.


Roles and permissions

This will show the same list as the one in the Position Business role, to quickly view the permissions within the role click on the (+) sign and view the list.


Position Holders

This table has a list of all staff members (Historic, Current and future) that have this position linked to their profile. 

Clicking on a staff member's name from the grid loads a slide over with basic information of their position with the school. To edit the staff post details click on edit and update accordingly.



Active positions

This list shows all of the current positions active on staff profiles. 

For a quick view of staff members linked to a position click on the (+) sign next to the position.



Clicking on a staff name a slide over will load showing the dates the position has been linked to that specific staff member.



From the slide over access to the position, an overview can be achieved by clicking on More.


Historic positions

Historic Positions shows a list of the positions that are no longer in use by the school 

To activate a historic position click on the position to be activated and from the slide over click on More.

The overview of the position will load. Click on dates and either remove or update the end date to activate. 

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