Linking siblings to each other and linking a guardian to a child

To mark two students as siblings, you must link them to the same guardian. This lets the system know that they are related, as automatically works out how. Both siblings must be linked to the guardian with the relationship fo Natural or Adoptive Mother or Father, Step Mother or Father or Adoptive Parent.

Step 1 - Add the students

Make sure you have created all the student profiles you would like to link together. In your search box, search for the child's name.


If you need to add new students, click here to see how.

Make a note of their details to make sure you link the right students and guardians later.


Step 2 - Add the guardian to one student

Guardian already exists

Type into your search box the guardian's name you want to link both students to. If they already exist, skip to step 3.



Guardian does not exist

If the guardian does not already exist, go to the first student's student profile and scroll down to the Family, Guardians and Contacts section. Click +Add

Add their details then click to add the guardian.




Step 3 - Add the other student to the guardian

In your search box, search for the guardian's name.



You will see that on their profile, in the Linked Students section, they may already have a student linked to them. You can then click +Add to link another.



In the slide over, add in the details of the relationship with the new student, then click Link Student.



The two students will then be linked as siblings in the background.



Removing duplicates

If you originally had one guardian profile linked to each student, you'll need to remove the duplicate - guardians should only have one profile to prevent login issues.

You can see how to remove the duplicates here: Resolve duplicates or delete guardian profiles


Unlinking siblings

As students are linked together by having one or more parents in common, to unlink students as siblings, you'll need to remove these links. Remove the links to the parent guardian and this will stop the students showing as being linked.

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