Resources for completing your School Censuses

Important dates

  • Thursday 17th september dry run opens
  • Thursday 1st October 2020 is census day
  • Wednesday 28th October 2020 is your census submission deadline (unless otherwise advised by your Local Authority)

Guidance from the DfE

The DfE provides lots of guidance on their website you can use to help you complete the School Census. You can search for information and find links to more help from this page.

If you've resolved all your errors and are ready to submit your census, take a look at the DfE’s notepad entries for COLLECT queries guide for help with what explanations to submit for any existing queries.

Download our Census guide

We've got dedicated Census Guides for each census, Autumn, Spring, Summer and Catholic. We include three School Census Guides, tailored to your school type! If you have nursery students, use the primary guide, if you have post-16 students use the secondary guide, and if you have both, use the all-through guide:

To solve your queries and errors, check out our Help Centre articles to help you resolve the most common errors and queries - click here for all of our School Census resources.

Join our Census Webinars and On-demand Sessions

Join one of our live census webinars to see a demo of how to complete your census. Click here to sign up to the next session, or here to watch back recordings of our past webinars.

Use the Support of the Arbor Community

We have a whole section of the Arbor Community dedicated to the census. Just click here to join the conversation and get help from other schools and Arbor team members. 

Book a call with our support team

Book in a 15-minute session with our expert support team to help resolve some of your more complex errors and check your Census before you submit it. Before the session, work through as much of your census as you can so we can use the session to work through the trickier aspects.

Click here to sign up for a session.

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