Gender in Arbor and statutory returns

In Arbor, there are 4 options for setting a student's gender - Female, Male, Not Known and Not Specified.



However, the DfE requires that students are categorised as either Male or Female for statutory purposes:

  • Any students who are not marked as Male or Female will flag an error in the census
  • You won't be able to export CTFs of students unless they are marked as Male or Female

For example, in the DfE's Complete the school census guidance, you can see the specific item on Gender. Here you can see that the DfE only accepts genders of Male or Female to be reported.


We understand and appreciate the complexities around gender identity, however, we are not able to change the validation rules, or change the gender options in Arbor until the DfE change the way this data is collected.

We are actively considering ways to make the recording of gender in Arbor more inclusive while making sure that the way gender is recorded in Arbor is still compatible with censuses. The DfE is also investigating how to improve the way they collect data, so if you have any feedback, please direct it to the DfE.

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