Check a staff member's permission to access different pages or buttons

There's no need to log in as a staff member or guess what access they have based on their permissions on their staff profile or the full list. You can use our checker to see whether a staff member has access to a certain page or button using the URL.


You'll need the School: Permissions: View permission to access and use this page. If you don't have permission, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions.


Checking permissions and access

Go to School > Users & Security > Access Control > Check permissions.

  • Staff member - Select the staff member at your school, from a list of all staff on this Arbor site who have a currently active business role.
  • Arbor page URL - You can use various formats to check, including the full URL, or excluding your school's domain name (student-ui/browse).

Then click the Check permissions button.



If the user has access to the page, in the slide over you'll see a message saying Access Available.

You'll also see a list of the permissions needed to access this page, and whether the user has each permission.



If the user doesn't have access to the page, in the slide over you'll see a message saying Access Denied.



My vs All students

In certain cases, a staff member may appear to have access to a page, but actually doesn't because the student isn't assigned to them.

In the example below, Tiffany Griffiths is not able to view the pastoral notes area, even though they have one of the required permissions. This is because she hasn't been linked with any students, such as by being their teacher.



In certain scenarios where the user has the My rather than All Students permission it may also show the user has access when they don't, such as in the example below.




What is a URL?

You can see further details here: Using URLs

Can we check access to actions on a page?

This is possible when staff are unable to click a certain button: I don't have access and need more permissions

What is the STAFF permission?

You can ignore this permission. This permission only exists in the background (not in our permissions list) and is used to identify staff members as staff.

Screenshot 2023-09-29 at 10.22.32.png


Can MAT MIS staff use this feature?

This feature is only available on the school MIS. This means that it isn't possible to check access for staff set up on the MAT MIS.

MAT staff can log into school sites and use this feature for school staff if they have the School: Permissions: View permission.

Can we check URLs from outside of Arbor?

If you try and check a users access to a url outside of Arbor, or to an Arbor page that doesn't exist, you'll get a message that we couldn't find the permissions.


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