Managing my class from the Lesson Dashboard Overview

The Lesson Dashboard can be accessed by:

  • clicking on the lesson in your or another staff member's calendar
  • going to Students > Attendance and selecting the class



It lists all the students enrolled in the class, the staff members assigned to the class, as well as a list of the behavioural points and incidents, as well as any assignments linked with the class.

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Taking attendance

To access the particular class' previous and following lessons, click on the Previous lesson and Next lesson buttons on the right. 



You can see alerts for your students who have another event at that time, such as if they are set to be in a different session, or who have detention coming up that day.



Before the register opens, you can see any students' planned absence marks.

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To record attendance marks, click the Take Register button. Take a look at this article for how to take the register.


Logging behaviour

You'll see a behaviour section at the top of the page when appropriate. Here, Arbor automatically lists upcoming detentions or interventions for students in that class that day.



To record a behavioural incident click on +Add within the Behaviour section.



You can also use the Bulk action button in the student list.

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To record a new assignment that is given to students, click on +Add within the Assignments section, and input appropriate notes on the work to be carried out as well as how submitted work will be graded.

This same assignment record can be viewed to update and grade assignment work.

Take a look at this article for more details on assignments.


Student contextual details and pinned notes 

On your lesson dashboard, above your list of students, you should be able to see a drop-down menu titled Contextual Information.

The Pinned notes column will display pastoral notes, behaviour notes, SEN notes and safeguarding notes that have been pinned to the top of the student profile. We do not display Child protection notes or any other kind of pinnable note

  • Click whatever column you would like to see, then click Apply, and that context will appear next to student names for this lesson from now on.
  • If you do not have the ability to add or hide any of these columns yourself, your school has probably chosen to centrally set which columns show as a default. Please ask your school admin staff to change them using these instructions.

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Clicking on any name in your Students list will bring up a panel of key details. Clicking on their name here will take you to their Student Profile where all info about them is collected. You’ll see all the details you have permission to view about them.Screenshot_2022-02-14_at_15.09.44.png


Managing behaviour, adding interventions and communicating with students using the bulk actions

Tick the students you want to complete the action for, then click the Bulk action button to choose which action to take. You can assign behaviour, add students to an intervention or send communications for specific students rather than a whole class.

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Students and staff linked to the lesson
Attachments and downloads for documents or cover

Upload your plans for future lessons on the right-hand side of your dashboard. This saves you time on the day, and this feature is particularly useful to upload worksheets for the class to complete when you are absent.

To add attachments to the lesson, drag and drop files to the box or click to upload.



To export the lesson's attendance register click on Download Register, and to export the lesson's list of student names click on Download Student List.


Cohort information and demographic analysis

Click on the menu on the left of the lesson dashboard to gain further insight into your students.

In Demographics, you can filter your statistics based on sex, and see a breakdown of what demographics make up your lesson.



Clicking on the group will display a list of the students in this demographic.



Click Medical Conditions to find out the medical and allergy information of the students in your class. Click on the student to get more information, or to edit the information.


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