How to use My Classroom as a teacher

My Classroom brings seating plans, registers, assessment data and behaviour management into one place, giving you your time back to focus on teaching and learning. Create interactive seating plans using drag-and-drop seats, then add attendance and behaviour points directly onto your plan throughout your lesson on a tablet or on your desktop.

My Classroom is built into Arbor, giving you access to photos and contextual data about each of your students right when you need it, plus everything you capture in My Classroom shows up on student profiles straight away.

You can see an introduction to My Classroom here: My Classroom - the all-in-one classroom management tool


Once your school has switched My Classroom on, you'll need to set up layouts and seating plans for your rooms before you're able to use the features.

You'll then be able to take attendance, see assessment data and log behaviour! You can see more details in our My Classroom guidance, or the answers to your common FAQs.

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