How can I see behaviour statistics for my class?

As a teacher, you can see behaviour for the classes you teach.

Behaviour for one class

To view behaviour for students in your class, go to My Items > My Classes and select Behaviour.



You can also go to School > Programmes > Courses and select your class (you may need to select the +).



You can also click the class in your calendar.



Go to Course > Behaviour from the left-hand menu and you'll see statistics for what has been recorded for your class. Use the tabs to view statistics and graphs for incidents, points, detentions etc.



For example, you can see and download a list of points given this week.



Overall behaviour for all your classes

View behaviour incidents that took place in your lessons

Go to Students > Behaviour > Incidents > Reporting. Click into the filters and select your classes in the Course box.

This will show you a list of incidents recorded that took place in all these classes, including a count.



View points recorded in your lessons

Go to Students > Behaviour > Point Awards > Recent. 

Please note that you will not be able to see behaviour points for your class by selecting the class. This will show the overall behaviour for students in your class, not the behaviour for your class specifically.

To view behaviour for each class, choose to group by Course.



You'll then be able to see behaviour points for your class alongside other classes so you can compare. You can filter the report by typing into the search box. 


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